Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let it Snow

Anyone who loves winter camping or winter survival yearns for this time of year.  For some the winter months are filled with poor road conditions, freezing cold temperatures, and cooped up children complaining of nothing to do.

However for the very few that view the snowfall, freezing cold temperatures, and poor roads as mearly signs that our season has arrived, here we go !

Like snowmobilers and skiers alike we pray for the early and often dumping of the white stuff so that we can chase our winter passions.

Well it's here !!  In like a lion as they say.

The recent accumulation of snow allowed for us to strap on the snowshoes, the packs, and a trusty wool toque and travel deep into forest.  This became an opportunity to shake out the winter skill set after a long and tiring summer working schedule.

Although there was no large scale shelter construction there was the usual division of tasks that has become second nature and needs very few words.  Within 15 minutes four snow walls, one birch tree bench, a roaring fire and some simmering snow water marked the start of another beautiful winter season !

Let it Snow..

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