Monday, December 20, 2010

Living by the Edge

Living by the edge simply means that if you intend to survive or have the best chance to survive and self rescue from an emergency situation you may have no greater friend than the knife or axe you carry.

That edge will provide you the ability to build your emergency shelter, chop and limb wood for your fire as well as construction of your signal fire tripods.

That same edge can be utilized for hunting, skinning and food preparation.

Just as important as having that edge with you - is choosing the right one.  There are thousands of knife manufacturers who claim to have the best, hard use, gucci blade that will do it all.  Well, they lie!!

That makes it very important to research and find a great dealer who can provide advice and match a blade to you.

So when you're trying to decide where to spend your hard earned money you must know what you're looking for and what you plan to do with it. 

A great research tool for choosing a manufacturer and blade is which is an internet forum dedicated to knives and the people who use them.  It is rookie friendly and there are an amazing amount of people eager to help answer your questions.

After you choose be sure to visit which is an outdoor equipment dealer in British Columbia.  This business is owned by Paul who is passionate for the outdoors and the gear required to enjoy and survive all of your adventures.  His customer service is second to none and his prices are great.

The great thing about WorkWear Canada is that Paul does not carry or sell equipment that he has not tested or gear that he does not believe can handle the harsh Canadian wilderness.

The next time your packing your kit for an outdoor wilderness adventure make sure you have your blade.

You may really need it one day.  Practise your skills and be prepapred.

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