Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Power of Fire

Since man first discovered the fire, human beings have been mesmerized by its majestic beauty and undeniable power.

The fire as been the focal point for many a great scouting adventures, boogie man stories, marshmallow roastings and hot dog cooking. If you've ever sat close to a fire in the open wilderness setting you have most definitely found yourself staring intensely into the hot bed of coals or watching the flames dance slowly across the dark nights sky.

For those who have ever spent a scary winters night lost, injured or snowed in that same fire becomes much more important.  It is no longer there for pleasure or tradition.  That fire now becomes the single most survival priority.

That fire keeps you warm, provides light, keeps animals away, provides the ability to purify water, makes signal fires for rescue, dries out clothing and assists in keeping you mentally sharp and believing you can survive and self rescue.

For these reasons it is absolutely necessary for anyone who travels into the winter wilderness for any reason whether employment or enjoyment to have the knowledge, skills and supplies to start a fire - anywhere, anytime, for any reason.

Other than your own survival mindset, fire is the single most important survival priority.  Without it - you may parish.

Fire is both powerful and primitively peaceful.  There is no greater connection with our ancestors than the warm glow of a fire.  Prepared, maintained and enjoyed the same way and for the same reasons since the first fire was ever lit.

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