Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why take a Survival Course

When most people think of the outdoor winter activities they enjoy and trying to improve their skill level the last thing they think of is survival training.

If your a cross country skier you will take a course to improve or learn new techniques.  If you're a down hill skier you will take refresher training on techniques at the start of the winter season.  Each and every winter activity has courses and seminars available to educate and improve your understanding, techniques and equipment usage.

Well, survival training is no different.  Its focus is to provide the student with the knowledge, skills and mindset necessary to survive an emergency wilderness situation.

Although there are survival enthusiasts who venture out to locate and participate in survival and bushcraft training it is obviously overlooked by the general outdoor enthusiast.

Regardless of your activity it is a very real possibility that you could become injured, lost or exhausted before you meet your destination.  Without the knowledge, skills and mindset to recognize the situation and commence the construction of an emergency shelter and fire you may surely parish in the daunting Canadian wilderness.

A survival course will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to survive and self rescue from any emergency situation.

These survival courses are not designed for the hardened bushman.  They are designed to provide the outdoor winter enthusiast of any activity with the skills necessary to enjoy their activity knowing that they are prepared to survive any emergency and to assist their loved ones in that same emergency.

Invest the money in a survival course regardless of your chosen winter activity.  It may be money well spent one day.  Almost all lost persons in Ontario become lost, injured, or exhausted while enjoying their winter passion.

The course may save your life or the life of the ones you love.

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