Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Let's Have a Vote

I have always enjoyed good lively debate between a group of people educated and invested in a topic.  Survival is a topic widely discussed and as such many different views on skills, tools, shelters, hunting, primitive vs. new age, and earthly respect even during a wilderness emergency vary greatly.

I, like many others, glue myself to the television when shows like Survivroman, Man vs. Wild, Dual Survival, Ray Mears survival series, etc. come on.  Always looking to be exposed to new skills, a new mental approach and new secrets from mother nature.

I enjoy all of the TV survival personalities however being a survival instructor and life long student of the skills, some are far more informative and educating than others.

So, I thought it would be fun to have a poll for us here at Beyond the Fire School of Survival to see who our readers feel is the most compelling TV survival celebrity. 

Check out the right side of the blog and you will see the poll about halfway down, take a minute and vote.  I will display the results on the 11th of January.

Let the most compelling TV survival expert win !

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