Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Must Have

It goes without saying that when you spend a great deal of time in the bush learning and improving your bushcraft and primitive skill sets you will find equipment that you love and equipment that you believe the world could have gone without.

If you work in the wilderness or outdoor industry the equipment you carry must work.  It must be effective and efficient. 

Very few wilderness or outdoor industry workers will set foot off the helicopter into the great Canadian wilderness with a single piece of equipment that has not been tested by him or her to ensure it will work in the harshest of climates and environments.

Unfortunately many winter activity enthusiasts don't place the same importance upon testing and ensuring their equipment works and practising the skill.  They will buy equipment based on a checklist provided by the outfitter or advice from a retailer who has probably never used it.  They'll pack those items deep within their packs and not think another thought of those items until they're required.

So we here at Beyond the Fire feel that providing quality information about great products that can aid in your survival and self rescue is an important part of our mission.  We will endeavour to provide reviews that you can trust.  We will not regurgitate the companies tag line or online review.  Rather we will use it until we destroy it and review the good and the bad so that you can make an educated decision.

When we discussed what the first product we should review for the blog it was an easy decision.  It had to be for fire starting.  It had to be the best product I had every used.  So here it is !

Strikeforce by Ultimate Survival Technologies

This is a fire starting system which has an alloy flint bar, hardened steel striker, and the Wet Tinder product all contained in a great little case with lanyard weighing less than 4 ounces.

When my business partner dropped this product on my door step I thought "Great, another fire starter! Just what I need.."  Obviously overwhelmed and frustrated by the abundance of cheap, breakable and utterly unreliable fire starters on the market we ventured out into the bush to break yet another one.

This is where it get goods - I couldn't break it.  Not only could I not break it - I loved it.  Everything about this product lives up to the manufacturers claims.  I have had this fire starter for months and I use it an average of 10-15 times per week. 

I like this product so much that if I continue to write about it in paragraphs we will be here forever.  I would rather you spend your time buying and trying one for yourself.  So here is the condensed version of what I like and why I believe you need to buy one.
  • Steady stream of downward sparks strike after strike
  • Alloy flint bar takes continuous strikes and maintains ability without weakening
  • Striking when damp, cold, or wet produces the same amount of sparks
  • Case design contains all of the pieces as well as securing with a lanyard
  • A package of Wet Tinder is lodged in the but cap of the case for all time carry
  • Wet Tinder lights with one spark and maintains flame for 5-7 mins.
  • Wet Tinder will light even when soaking wet
  • Sparks produced are incredibly hot
  • Ease of use regardless of skill level
  • Leverage provided by case design reduces fatigue when using
  • Simple
  • Rugged
This product is the best fire starting tool I have ever used.  It is well designed, rugged, simple and in the end it works.  It works every time I use it.  I have abused this product and used it more in a few months than most people could ever imagine using it in a lifetime.

Its weight, its size and the confidence it instills make this product an absolute must for any survival or fire starting kit regardless of what your winter activity is.

Buy one - it may start the fire that saves your life !

StrikeForce Fire Starter

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