Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just Let Me Do It !

Well, those are the words my 4 year old uttered to me with a scowl on his face.  I was doing my best to teach him about the finer points of the snow cave and its importance as a survival shelter.

I was using my best instructional voice, I was down on my knees at his level, I had provided him with his own shovel.  However hard I tried to instruct him he made it very clear that he knew more about survival shelters than I gave him credit for.

He was right.

I sat back and gave way to the boy realizing that of my two kids he was the one that had always been addicted to all things wilderness and survival. Not sure where he gets that from !!

Armed with his shovel and an over sized winter hat he dug into the massive snow pile with unwavering energy and determination.  Each time I attempted to assist or provide guidance I received the look ! We all know the look usually given by our wives but I was receiving it with amazing similarities from my 4 year old.

Within the hour my 4 year old have hollowed a cave large enough for him to sit and lay in without any problems. 

I`m not sure who learned more that day him or I.  I was forced to sit back and watch as he figured out how to dig the cave through a series of errors and successes.  In the end he triumphed.  He was so proud of himself as was I.

Children who are exposed to the wonders of the great Canadian wilderness are filled with energy to explore, to play and to create with what mother nature provides them. 

When my son attempted to tell his mother about his creation she stated `That`s great! You made a snow fort.` Well the young lad did not care for that characterization of his hard work and responded sharply `It`s not a fort ! It`s a survival shelter mom !` She was quickly put in her place.

Just let me do it !  Well I did and I couldn't have been more proud.  Kids are eager to create.  Give them the canvass and the brush and let them do it. You will be amazed by how much they have learned by watching and listening to you.

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