Monday, April 11, 2011

The Survivalist Creedo

The internet has become a very powerful tool in our world today.  We rely on it daily for most of our tasks.  Whether it be to check the forecast, complete online banking or make reservations. 

Whether we like it or not the internet is a powerful tool that will never go away.  With all the negative aspects of the internet it has however enabled us to meet and learn from people halfway around the world who we would have never met if not for the internet.

The internet has allowed me to share my knowledge, skills and experiences with you as well as connect with mentors and other survival instructors.

One such instructor named Creek Stewart wrote a Survivalist Creedo that exemplified the mindset necessary to survive a wilderness emergency.  He managed to put down in words hours of discussion and instruction in one amazing Creedo.

Creek was kind enough to provide us with permission to post is Survivalist Creedo.  Like many true bushcraft, primitive skills, ancient skills and survival instructors, they do it for the love of sharing their knowledge and skills as well as their wisdom.  Creek is one such person.

Survivalist Creedo

Survivalist Creedo
Survivalist Creedo
I do not choose to be a victim
Of the circumstances around me.
I seek self reliance, not dependence.
I do not wish to be looked after,
But rather to be a resource for others.
I am able to provide basic needs
With knowledge and natural tools.
Sometimes I fail, but more often succeed.
Regardless of the outcome, I never give up.
My mind is my most valuable resource.
I understand that Mother Nature is not my Mother,
But will still provide me with my basic needs;
Water, Food, Fire & Shelter.
I prefer a landscape view
Over the view across my desk.
I yearn to be outdoors – learning, exploring and connecting.
I sleep more peacefully under the stars,
Than under a roof.
I am self sufficient.
I see value in primitive survival skills.
Fire is one of my prized accomplishments,
And my knife is my loyal companion.
I practice my skills and train my body,
For the day when I might be tested.
With everything to lose,
And everything to gain,
Luck has no place in my destiny.
With God’s help,
I have made the preparations necessary to get me through.

I am a Survivalist.

-by Creek Stewart

Sunday, April 10, 2011

And the Journey Continues...

I call my love for bushcraft and primitive living skills a journey.  It's a journey because there is no defined end or finish line.  It has become a path filled with both failures and successes.  I have learned equally from both.

This journey has taught me more about myself and my limits that I ever thought possible.

I once set goals about the skills I wanted to learn and like most Type A personalities I also set a time line.  What I realized is that this journey of learning bushcraft and primitive living skills can have no time line or expectations.  Although I describe them as a skills set they are a journey of self discovery.

This path forces you to find patience, perseverance, self awareness and inner peace.

This journey began with the bow drill.  I never knew where that journey would take me but as I travel along that path I am amazed at the skills I have learned and the ones that I am eager to learn. 

But most of all I amazed by my journey of self discovery.  I have become a more self aware and spiritual person through the teachings and practice of these skills.  You can read all the books and Internet sites you want but eventually you have to pick up a knife and put in the dirt time.  Only then will you truly experience the power and pleasure of self reliance and survival skills with little more than a knife.

Over the next few weeks I will share my continued attempts at obtaining a fire with the hand drill.  I have taken on this challenge which will push my patience and knowledge of local materials.  I will endeavour to share videos of both the failures and hopefully of the successes.

Stay tuned...The journey continues.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Supporting Local Business

Today while wandering through the local Sportsman's and Leisure Show I had a great opportunity to meet the owner of a great local business.  Rob Frodsham is the owner of River's Edge Canoe & Kayak Co. based in Beachburg, Ontario.

I originally spoke to Rob about my dream canoe and any advice he could provide me on how to get the boss, my wife, to allow me to invest the family dollars on that beautiful Langford Prospector 16.6 rather than the camper trailer being sold at the outside lot she had her eyes on.

While the two little survivor boys climbed on the kayak display the conversation quickly turned to business and the support local businesses should provide each other.

I believe passionately in supporting local business and buying local.  A quick visit to Rob's website and it was obvious that Rob carries high end equipment for both canoe and kayak hobbyists and serious adventurers alike.

I urge all of you to visit Rob's website and inquire about his stock and prices.  Buying local will get you the same canoe's and kayak's as visiting other locations but will save you the 6 hour drive and provide support to a great local business here in the Valley.