Sunday, April 10, 2011

And the Journey Continues...

I call my love for bushcraft and primitive living skills a journey.  It's a journey because there is no defined end or finish line.  It has become a path filled with both failures and successes.  I have learned equally from both.

This journey has taught me more about myself and my limits that I ever thought possible.

I once set goals about the skills I wanted to learn and like most Type A personalities I also set a time line.  What I realized is that this journey of learning bushcraft and primitive living skills can have no time line or expectations.  Although I describe them as a skills set they are a journey of self discovery.

This path forces you to find patience, perseverance, self awareness and inner peace.

This journey began with the bow drill.  I never knew where that journey would take me but as I travel along that path I am amazed at the skills I have learned and the ones that I am eager to learn. 

But most of all I amazed by my journey of self discovery.  I have become a more self aware and spiritual person through the teachings and practice of these skills.  You can read all the books and Internet sites you want but eventually you have to pick up a knife and put in the dirt time.  Only then will you truly experience the power and pleasure of self reliance and survival skills with little more than a knife.

Over the next few weeks I will share my continued attempts at obtaining a fire with the hand drill.  I have taken on this challenge which will push my patience and knowledge of local materials.  I will endeavour to share videos of both the failures and hopefully of the successes.

Stay tuned...The journey continues.

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