Saturday, April 2, 2011

Supporting Local Business

Today while wandering through the local Sportsman's and Leisure Show I had a great opportunity to meet the owner of a great local business.  Rob Frodsham is the owner of River's Edge Canoe & Kayak Co. based in Beachburg, Ontario.

I originally spoke to Rob about my dream canoe and any advice he could provide me on how to get the boss, my wife, to allow me to invest the family dollars on that beautiful Langford Prospector 16.6 rather than the camper trailer being sold at the outside lot she had her eyes on.

While the two little survivor boys climbed on the kayak display the conversation quickly turned to business and the support local businesses should provide each other.

I believe passionately in supporting local business and buying local.  A quick visit to Rob's website and it was obvious that Rob carries high end equipment for both canoe and kayak hobbyists and serious adventurers alike.

I urge all of you to visit Rob's website and inquire about his stock and prices.  Buying local will get you the same canoe's and kayak's as visiting other locations but will save you the 6 hour drive and provide support to a great local business here in the Valley.

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