Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let the Planning Begin !

Let me start by saying that it's great to be back and contributing to this blog.  I took a brief hiatus to sort out the many issues and obstacles associated with starting up a small business.

That time away has made it clear that this venture and my love for the great Canadian wilderness was worth the struggle.

So here we are, well into the summer weather and wishing it was winter again.  Most would think that's a crazy statement to be making after such a long and cold winter.  However for those who know me and my business partner John you would know that winter brings with it the ability to travel into the great outdoors and challenge ourselves and our skill sets.

Even though winter seems like a long way away the planning starts now.  By planning we are speaking about courses.  We here at Beyond the Fire School of Survival are very proud to announce that we will be running three winter survival courses.  These courses will be held with two dates in January 2012 and one in February 2012.  There is of course flexibility with dates however we are hoping to set these three dates and consider a fourth should the demand exist.

The two courses in January will be  3-days in length and suited towards the beginner to intermediate winter skill level.

The course in February will be a 5-day course suited for advanced winter enthusiasts who spend a great deal of the winter outdoors engaged in their preferred activity and wish to challenge themselves to obtain the confidence necessary to survive in a winter emergency.

Both course designs will provide the students with a great opportunity to learn new skills and test them in a controlled environment under the watchful eye of enthusiastic and passionate instructors.  This is an amazing opportunity to get out in the great Canadian wilderness during the most challenging weather and build their confidence and abilities while having an amazing experience.

We are very excited to offer these courses and look forward to sharing our knowledge and experiences with you while we sit beside a roaring fire and share a bush pot of hot chocolate.

Make sure that you send us an email if you're interested.  The complete course descriptions will be posted by the end of this week.

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