Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let the Building Begin !

With the upcoming winter survival season fast approaching Instructor John and I sat down to start the site planning and preperation.

As a survival instructor one of the most important items and usually the most neglected items was tops on my To-Do list.  A Safety Building.

A Safety Building has many functions during a simulated winter survival emergency course.  That building houses the instructors, provides 24 hour first aid, is centrally located between camps, provides shelter and warmth for anyone who suffers from mild hypothermia, is a safe structure should unruly weather role in and when all those are not required it provides a backdrop and instructional hub for all things taught on our courses.

This Safety Building will be a cabin complete with a fully stocked wood burning cookstove, four bedded bunks and other kitchen facilities.

Last we week we commenced the construction of the cabin and are very excited to share the journey with you folks.

Here are a few photos.  Enjoy.

Instructor John working on the leveling.

Instructor John and Jr. Instructor Luke enjoying a break.

Instructor John measuring the floor joists.

The last floor joists being cut.

Jr. Instructor Luke approves of the cabin floor.

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