Sunday, August 21, 2011

All I want for Christmas is a Cabin !

With work getting in the way of fun John and I have had little opportunity to get back at the cabin.  Both John and I have been staring at the pictures and envisioning the cabin's completion for weeks now.  We made such amazing progress the last time out that we were super eager to travel back into the peaceful sanctum of the bush and get cutting lumber and hammering nails.

With the junior instructors in tow I made the slow and peaceful drive off the main road and back along the bush road to the spot.  It's amazing how along that short 5 minute drive that all of the world's worries and the days stresses slowly disappear with each passing red pine.

Much to my surprise John had lumber unloaded and the old skill saw just a humming away.  It turns out that John couldn't sleep a wink thinking of the progress that laid ahead of him and his cabin in the bush.  So as the clock turned 0600 hrs John rolled through Tim Horton's and with caffeine in hand rushed out to the cabin.

With youthful exuberance John and I worked away and rested only long enough to take it all in. 

Enjoy the pictures.
The roof trusses starting to go up.

Instructor John lining up the trusses.

Instructor John securing the last truss.
The heavy work is almost over !

They're DONE !

A view from the top.

Jr. Instructor Justin and Jr. Instructor Luke
keeping the cabin clean.

Instructor John making progress on the board and batten.

The boys taking a break for a photo op.

Hard to see but the 8x8 posts for the front
porch are up.
With a ton of progress made we couldn't be more excited about the next step - THE TIN.  Hopefully by next week the tin will go up on the roof and the walls will be closed in with the board and batten.

Until next time - keep surviving.

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