Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For a Great Cause

As the hot summer rays slowly give way to the beautiful fall breeze that brings with it the radiant autumn colours I want to type a quick post.  This post however has nothing to with winter survival nor summer survival.  This post has to do with the human spirit and its unyielding strength to fight and survive against all odds.

This August a co-worker of mine received the devastating news that his 8 year old son Matthew was diagnosed with AML Leukemia.  A very aggressive form of children's cancer.  The treatment schedule was rapid and aggressive to give Matthew the best chance of beating his illness.  He is currently undergoing chemotherapy and once that is complete a bone marrow transplant is necessary.

As a team we are committed to helping the family and Matthew in every way possible.

In honour of Matthew and all the other brave children who are battling cancer 20 teammates are running in the Sears Great Canadian Run to End Kids Cancer.  As a team we are trying to raise $15,000.00 towards this amazing cause.

You have all seen the pictures in this site of my two boys. They are my life and I could not imagine ever hearing those words.  I could never ever imagine looking my boys in the eyes and seeing their pain and suffering and feeling helpless.

This is my opportunity to make sure that families like mine have amazing health facilities to go that will take care of them and love them.  Please help me raise the cash to bring an end to kids cancer everywhere.

All pledges are much appreciated.  See the instructions below.

  • Click on the "Ottawa" at the top right corner
  • Click "Donate" on the left side
  • Type "Matthew" in the Team Name section
  • Click Search.
  • Click on "Peter Wrigglesworth"
  • Click "Donate"
Thank you to all who give generously.


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