Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Competition Time !

Let's face it - everyone loves free stuff.

Beyond the Fire School of Survival is about to embark on the delivery of it's first official public winter survival course.  With the excitement comes the opportunity to hone our knowledge, skills and abilities and to share those with the people who love the challenge that comes with winter survival.

True winter survival training is not for the faint at heart nor is it winter camping with a warm tent and gucci gear.  Winter survival training is just that - survival.

We have been running this website for a little over a year but have noticed many faithful and returning readers.  We truly appreciate your curiosity and loyalty that continues to bring you back to read up on our progress.

To reward the truly faithful readers we have decided to give away a spot on our February 10th-12th, 2012 Winter Survival Course.

It's simple - email us your info and a bit about your experience and love for all things survival.  We will toss the entries into a hat and pull out a winner.  It's that simple. 

Cheers and good luck.

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