Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Finally Here !!

As I sit with my computer and my morning coffee I find myself staring out the picture window at what has just marked the final arrival of my favourite season.  The wonderful white snow flakes are not only falling from the winter`s sky but they are sticking to the cool ground.

The timing could not have been more perfect.  Yesterday I sent out the invitations for our first official Beyond the Fire School of Survival Advanced 3 Day Winter Survival Course.  However, I found myself slightly depressed at the look of the wilderness around me.  It was green, damp, cool and raining.  Not the typical winter wonderland that we usually experience at this time of year.

Less than five minutes after sending the invites I received an email reply from one of the eager students who asked "What's the chance we're going to have snow in February?!"  I chuckled but found myself nervous about the unseasonal weather and what it might mean for our wonderful winter season.

Well my friend - never fear - the snow is here !!

So as the planning and preparation for the course intensifies so does the weather.  February 10th-12th, 2012 will mark an amazing and exciting time for Beyond the Fire School of Survival as well as for John and I.  We have envisioned this date for many years and have  challenged ourselves and our knowledge, skills and abilities to ensure that we were truly prepared to offer a great experience.

So for those lads who are set to join us in February I am excited to share our knowledge and skills with you and to learn more about you while we share a piping hot pine needle tea !!

Water Purification in Progress. The lads out collecting more supplies.

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