Monday, January 23, 2012

Bushcraft Canada

It only takes a few minutes on any internet search engine like Google to realize that there are very few Canadian Survival Schools and even fewer quality survival equipment resources.

Over a year ago I completed one such search on google and came across "Workwear Canada".  It definitely didn't sound like a survival equipment resource type company but none the less I had nothing better to do so I tapped the mouse twice.  Much to my surprise that double click led me to what I consider to be one of the best pure survival based equipment resources.

Many companies and shops sell survival or extreme camping type equipment but that does not make them a resource.  A survival equipment resource is a company or person who doesn't just sell equipment but rather researches, procures, tests, evaluates and only after all that does he sell it.  Not only does he sell it but he will answer emails and telephone inquiries about the equipment and provide sound advice based on person knowledge.

Paul Robinson is the owner of Bushcraft Canada, formerly Workwear Canada.  Paul is that survival equipment resource.  His company has seen rapid growth in the quantity of equipment he carries and his personal knowledge has made him my absolute favourite resource.

Paul is at home in the outdoors and it is there that he puts the equipment through its paces so that he knows that he is only carrying the very best products for the job.

Bushcraft Canada and Learn Bushcraft Canada have supported us here at Beyond the Fire School of Survival and this form allows us to return the favour. 

So take a few minutes and visit Paul at or

You will agree that Paul carries a great line of products that will suit the beginner as well as the expert outdoor enthusiast.


  1. I am glad to see more bushcraft related sites in Canada. I will bookmark it!

    Enjoy your wild nature,

  2. Hey you guys,
    yeah good to see the bushcraft and survival evolving! Check out our programs in BC, conducted in 5 Star Wilderness.