Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Snow Creations Have Begun.

With the holiday season complete and life starting to resemble something normal again I decided that it was a great time to escape to the great outdoors.  The boys have been bugging me for weeks to gear them up and take them to the bush for a day fun.

What's great about the boys is that to them fun in the bush isn't throwing snowballs or making snow angels.  To them fun is building snow shelters, debris shelters, scouting for sign of rabbit and drinking bush hot chocolate or pine needle tea.

So when they say "Dad can you take us to the bush for some fun?" I jump all over it.

With snow suits on and shelters on the brains the boys each took a stab at creating their own personal quincee to survive the day in and retreat to when the cool breeze of a January day in Ontario came whipping across.

Junior Instructor Justin adding a wind wall to his quincee.

This time for them is an opportunity to escape the reality of school, chores and the endless demands of the Minor Hockey schedule.  It also provides an opportunity for father and sons to bond in a very unique way.  A way that has seemingly been forgotten.  There are so many amazing opportunities to teach and learn not only bush skills but important life skills as well.

With several Scouts Canada winter survival field exercises upcoming it was a great day to get out and gather supplies necessary to instruct them in shelter and fire building techniques.

Don't forget to visit regularly to see the photos that will be posted after our February 10th-12th Winter Survival Level II Course.


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