Thursday, February 16, 2012

Camp Mistletoe !

Well the temperature has risen and bush is quiet again.  But last weekend the calm of the Beyond the Fire School of Survival bush was stirred by the hustle and bustle of 8 hardcore students clearing, constructing, collecting and surviving.

At 0700 hrs the 8 students stood nervously at the entrance to the bush lane awaiting their scenario, safety briefing and final instructions.  With kit bags containing nothing more than a single change of clothes, a draw saw, water bottle and a survival can they were separated into two groups of four.  Led by an instructor they followed eagerly to their designated site area.

Once at their locations they divided responsibilities and commenced the tremendous task of surviving in the wilderness.

As the evening quickly stole the days wonderful sun the temperature dropped dramatically.  An absolutely amazing test of each groups survival priorities, their team work, construction methods and ability to collect enough fuel wood to sustain their fire for a full night.

Each student experienced the highs and lows of survival and what effects limited food, extreme work and the extremely cold temperatures have on the body, mind and soul.

As an instructor I could not have asked for 8 more prepared and excited students to share the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to survive in the harsh Canadian winter wilderness.  

I was humbled by their willingness to learn as well as the amazing effort they put into the experience.  Before they left the briefing I told them that they would only get out what they were willing to put in.  I did not know how they would truly take that message to heart.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting pictures, stories and a slide show of the weekend's experiences.  I truly can't wait until next winter when we run both the Winter Survival Level II and the Winter Survival Level III.

You may have asked "What is Camp Mistletoe?" well that story is simple.  Take 4 hard working guys, throw in a great camp morale and some down time before dark.  The picture says it all !!

This was the gated entrance to their camp !! Hilarious..
Note the Spruce trees trimmed into Palm Trees and the mistletoe hung from the arch!!

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