Sunday, February 26, 2012

Home Sweet Home

With both groups working hard to select their site and clear the ground around it, the hard work really got started.  With any task in life that involves multiple people with multiple ideas it's always interesting to sit back and truly see what transpires.

As instructors we truly had two amazing groups.  Great students with great mindsets and who each brought their own life skills and experiences.

It is easy to choose a site and to clear it.  Only once that has been completed does the team actually have to start experiencing the differencing in opinions, work ethics, strengths and weaknesses.  It is the groups who accept the challenge, work within their own strengths, recognize their individual weaknesses and come together to collectively complete the job that will succeed in survival.

Both teams worked together and discovered weaknesses within themselves but also the strengths with which they brought to the table that effected their teams production in a positive manner.

As promised below are some more photos attached to chronicle the journey.  The photos are a great visual description of how Team 2 constructed their shelter.  Team 2 took this shelter task very seriously knowing that with -25 soon to roll in that their ability to have fire and a shelter that would reflect and trap heat was going to be essential to their survival.  Their mindset was right.  Their work ethic was unmatched and they completed tasks as a team.  Great work lads.

Team 2 arranging their couch prior to constructing their shelter.
Team 2 showing great team chemistry and pure enjoyment of the skills they were learning.
Team 2's shelter starting to take shape.  Classic A Frame.  Awesome Job !
A great Father and Son picture.  Austin (son) was a true work horse and a great surprise for a 17 year old.
Steve-O starting to roof the shelter with Den Father Antaire looking on with great approval.
Dusty was the crazy tree man.  He possessed a great amount of tree specie knowledge and he was in charge on dragging, limbing and became the first guy I've ever seen have a nap on two spruce trees in the middle of the trail. 
A great view of Team 2's shelter coming together.  The solid side to protect them from the west wind.
Young Austin manning the fire and keeping the snow melting and the water boiling.  A view from behind the early development of the fire reflecting wall.  Note the brightness of the sun.  This group was very advanced at this time of day.  Great work !!
The same thing photographed from the inside.  The the two different survival cans and their height difference.  One for melting and one for boiling.  Very efficient use of time and energy.
Team 2's shelter from the back with roof complete.
Steve-O plugging the holes after the instructor told them how small cold drafts in the night will drive them crazy.
Stay tuned in the next couple of days for the journey of Team 1's shelter.

For the 8 guys who are now true survivors feel free to send comments about the pictures to share your experiences and opinions with each other as well as those who follow the site.  It helps the site be a truly interactive form.


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