Monday, February 20, 2012

Let's Get Started !

With teams separated and the journey ahead the teams travelled into their respective site areas.  The instructors provided some advice, direction and reminded them to think about what they learned in the classroom lectures as well as the field exercises.

The instructors, confident with the lads, stood back and watched the magic happen.  It is amazing to watch guys look at each other and immediately take on the task and divide the responsibilities. 

Even though many were not aware of what lie ahead they all had a healthy respect for what could lie ahead and what might happen if they didn't heed the warnings from the instructors and the weather network !!

The forecast for that night was -24 degrees plus windchill.  That really says it all !!

In this post I will focus on chronicling Team 2's journey through site selection and the commencement of shelter construction.

I was very proud of this crew and the way they gelled as a team.  They focused on the survival priorities and almost immediately cleared the site as a team and communicated well.  This communication makes a world of difference in the efficiency of tasks.

Site location.  Note the depth of the snow.

Great Team Chemistry !!

Site clearing.  Hard work but essential to ensure a great camp space.

With site cleared Antaire prepared the fire location.

With the site cleared and the team tasks divided Team 2 member Antaire quickly moved to start the team fire and get snow melting to provide the team with hydration.  This would prove to be one of the most important tasks and allowed Team 2 to stay hydrated and healthy.

Stay tuned for more of the Survival Chronicles.  Team 1 photos soon to follow.

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