Thursday, February 2, 2012

Take a Second and Click the Mouse

Awhile back we thought it would be fun to have a weekly poll on the blog to gain insight into the knowledge, skills and abilities of the loyal followers to this site.

Although our followers are growing in numbers and a lot of you have become monthly or even weekly visitors our onsite polls have been a bit of a lunch box let down.

As the manager of the site and as an instructor of survival skills it is educating to see what the majority thinks about various topics related to survival, equipment, skills or even favourite seasons.  The hope was that enough people would participate to allow me to tally the votes and create blog entries based around those results.

So if you're reading this - do me a favour and scroll down the right side of the site where you'll find the onsite poll.  Take a second and click the mouse.

Let's make this weeks poll the best one yet !!

Thanks again to all the loyal followers and also to the newcomers.  If you're interested in a specific survival or bushcraft related topic fire me off an email and we will endeavour to create a post about that topic.


1 comment:

  1. We are so proud of you Dean/Daddy. We knew you could do it!!!!!!!!!
    Love, Suzanne, Sara and Emma XOXOXO