Saturday, March 3, 2012


While looking over all of the pictures and preparing for the next blog post I came across a picture that I just kept being drawn to.  Not for its beauty.  Not for its educational importance.  Nor for its hidden story.  Instead this picture just kept drawing me in because of its simplicity and the fact that it captured an unplanned lesson.

When you offer an open course you invite people from all walks of life who show up with all kinds of life experience both positive and negative.  You ask them to come together and work within a team to complete tasks with the goal of surviving.  It is amazing to see what happens when people are forced to endure extreme work, extreme cold, extreme fatigue while living amongst strangers.

One of the most rewarding moments of my 3 days with these 8 amazing students was on Sunday morning at 0700 hrs.  As John and I were up and about preparing for another day of instruction we watched as two members of Team 1 came walking down the trail towards the cabin.  It was -23 degrees but the sun was starting the shine in the Eastern sky.  The snow was crusty and the bush was silent.  It was a moment straight out of a movie.

The two members were Matt and Dean.  Two men who could not have seemed any more different from one another when we convened on Friday night.  Matt, a young man chasing his dream of being a police officer.  Young and full of life with a future filled with possibilities.  Then there is Dean.  A grown man who has a successful life filled with memories and moments of a beautiful family.

It is truly amazing how two seemingly different people from different worlds became such close friends.  An outcome that I had never expected.  I will forever remember this moment and the new friendships that we helped create.

Matt and Dean . . . Teammates...New Friends !

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