Thursday, March 15, 2012

Team 1 Needs Some Photo Love !!

Well, as promised, I finally had a few minutes to get my Team 1 photographs organized.  Team 1 was a great team to watch as they worked through the ups and downs of the team dynamic and how individuals fall naturally into leaders and followers.

Team 1 decided quickly to go with a primary leader who would utilize his knowledge, skills and abilities from our previous course to lead his team to success.  Unfortunately, as with most things in mother nature, you can't possibly be prepared for everything that might be thrown your way.  This team found an amazing nature "Y" in a tree that could be readily used for their shelter.

However that nature "Y" forced them into constructing a shelter on uneven ground which presents many camp issues.  These issues began to creep into their minds and effected team morale.

As an instructor I could see that the guys were working harder and not necessarily smarter.  As instructors we preach that each task and each movement in a survival situation must be made with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

John and I brought the lads together for a group discussion and briefing.  That simple act of bringing them together and stopping all work for a few moments truly changed Team 1's morale.

The next time we came back Team 1 had become a new team.  The morale was high.  Each member had become a part of the leadership system and each member's contribution became important and appreciated by the other members. 

I truly could not have been more impressed by their flexibility, resiliency and determination to succeed in the difficult winter survival conditions.

This team had trouble in the early stages of the day however they improved so much that they were a treat to watch and instruct.  There is so much to learn from their experience.  In a real life survival emergency every member of your group will have anxiety, desperation, hunger, chills, discomfort, knowledge, skills, abilities and opinions.  At any given time morale can be killed or improved.  Each team member must be an equal to ensure a balance of power, work and success.

Great work Team 1.  Let the photo's flow.

Dean-O and Mike discussing the shelter.
Dean, Matt, Mike and Paul making decisions on
the shelter as a team.
Team 1 listening intently as I discuss the pros and
cons of location, location, location !
Dean and Paul discussing the progress.
Team 1 member - Fire guy Paul.
Mike "Hatchet Man" with spirits high ! Great
work Mike.
Matt taking a break to let me capture a
photo .
Dean, a true workhorse..
Stay tuned over the next couple of days as I will be posting the pics of each students favourite part of the whole experience !!

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