Monday, October 1, 2012

Where does the time go ?

Wow... Is it really October already ?

It's amazing how family and work life can make days into weeks and weeks into months.

This morning I received a call from John who excitedly reported on the progress of the cabin extension.  It was in that moment of listening to that excited tone in his voice that I realized how long it had been since I posted on the site.  It's often hard to maintain a blog or website during the off season due to the other things occupying time and energy.

However, as the cooler nights and amazingly brisk mornings arrive I find myself energized and enthusiastic about the winter season that is soon upon us.  With the soon arrival of that season I am not shocked to see the snowmobiles hitting the shops for their tune-ups.  The outdoor adventure stores starting to stock their shelves with cross country skis and snowshoes.

These sights also remind me of the endless amount of winter activities that are carried out every day in these parts with little or no training in the functional education of survival.  Whether that be the equipment preparation, the survival mindset or the actual skill set required to survive a winter survival emergency.

With the success of last seasons Winter Survival Level II Course and the seemingly endless emails and enquiries about this upcoming season, John and I have decided to run several courses to deal with the demand.

This winter season will prove to be our toughest challenge as teachers as we endeavour to deliver a great adventure while focusing on preparation, mindset and skills.

Over the next several weeks John and I should be scheduling our course dates and at that time they will be added to the site.

"Fail to Plan.  Plan to Fail."