Monday, January 28, 2013

Stand Behind Them - Or Stand In Front !

What an amazing opportunity we had recently to spend two days in the bush with the 3RCR Snipers. A skilled group of amazing Canadian Soldiers who are at home operating in the wilderness.

Although the weather played havoc on us during the two days the experience was still great. These guys bring a very unique skill set and a knowledge of the bush that is second to none. 

After a fire starting lesson and an exercise briefing they grabbed their rubble and headed off into the bush to commence the task at hand. As an instructor I found it amazing to watch as these teammates worked seamlessly to get the job done. They were effective and efficient and required no guidance on group dynamics or leadership principles. 

Even more exciting for us was watching each of the 4 teams construct totally different shelters from one another. We instruct and motivate our students to construct the "A-Frame" shelter design but we never steer anyone away from taking the opportunity to perfect a design they're comfortable with. 

As mentioned the weather was terrible and required the lads to prepare for hypothermia type conditions. Warm days, cool nights and rain. Definitely unseasonal and very dangerous. Staying dry and sheltered became a serious priority. This was difficult due to a location that provided very little green resources. 

In the end the experience was great and we feel very fortunate to have been invited to spend the time with some great soldiers.

Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
Team 4
Team 1 enjoying their fire !
Team 4 plus a stow away !!
Instructor John brewing up some lunch !

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