Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Day to Play

Very rarely do I get to head into the wilderness without an agenda or a task required to be completed. However, today was a refreshingly different day with a focus on relaxation. 

This week our family inherited two kids from very close friends who were travelling abroad. 

Young Noah always asks me a thousand questions about survival and the cabin. So today was the day !

Noah, Justin and I headed out to the Beyond the Fire School of Survival location where we met up with Instructor John. Once there we wasted no time in grabbing our gear and headed out to teach the boys some skills and above all else - to have some fun. 

The two boys selected the site, shovelled away the snow and got busy collecting firewood for the days adventure. With a little help from John and myself the boys constructed their lean-to shelter and filled it with bedding materials in preparation for their lunchtime snack - Bannock. 

However, in order to cook Bannock we needed a fire. Cue Young Noah and his desire to learn the art of making a fire. Not just any fire making would do though. We decided that Noah would make the fire by nurturing a coal into a flame. 

Noah prepped his birds nest with birch bark, cattail and bundled Jute twine. Using a new fire piston I created a coal which we transferred into Noah's nest. That's when the magic happened. With coal in nest Noah gently blew into the nest until he created a flame. The look in his eyes was priceless. He could not believe he created fire !

Shortly after we stoked the fire the boys watched in disgust as I wrapped what seemed like a sloppy mess of something around their fire sticks. But in a very short time they were mesmerized as they watched the dough rising and creating an amazing survival food known as Bannock. 

At the end of the day both the boys had an amazing time out in the fresh air doing what we were all meant to do. For John and I it was a much needed retreat from the stressors of real life. 

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