Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hudson's Bay Tobacco Fire Tin Kit

Over the past 3 weeks I have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time out in the bush. This time in the bush has provided me the training platform to put some new kit through the testing process. 

The latest item to be put through the riggers of testing was the Hudson's Bay Tobacco Fire Tin Kit.   I purchased the kit from the best outdoor equipment store that I know - The Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co. 

The kit drew my attention due to its primitive/voyageur fire starting principles. There are countless fire starting methods that exist from primitive to state of the art. However, I have very little experience with the flint and steel. Thus I was excited to get started. 

The Hudson's Bay Tobacco Fire Tin Kit :

The Fire Tin
The Tin opened up. Note the removable
 cap that exposes the fire lighting
magnifying glass.
The Tin with all the contents : Flint, Steel,
Char Cloth and Jute.

The lit char cloth with a glowing ember
 after a single strike of the flint
with the steel. 

This kit was well worth the investment and honestly after 3 weeks of use it will now be a staple in my pack during any outdoor excursion.  The flint is large enough to hold and has great edges that when struck with the steel produce solid sparks that easily catch the char cloth.

The tin itself is large enough to house the items supplied but will also allow for several other tinder items such as birch bark to be carried.  The tin is lightweight and robust allowing it to bang around in your pack with no worry of damage.

Similar to the fire kit I made and discussed a few posts ago, pre-made kits that you carry provide the confidence and materials necessary to make fire anywhere at anytime.

Fire is life !!

I highly recommend this Hudson's Bay Tobacco Fire Tin Kit from The Canadian Outdoor Equipment Company.  Visit their site by clicking on link in my favourites on the right side.

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