Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Huge Loss in the BTF Family

A little over 5 years ago John and I wandered through the bush lot enjoying a cup of coffee and sharing a vision.

It was amongst the tall red pines that Beyond the Fire School of Survival was born. A dream to build a cabin where people would gather to share a wilderness experience while gaining new knowledge, skills and abilities.

However a dream will never come to fruition without supporters and believers. For us here at Beyond the Fire there was no one more important to us than John's father Bev.

Bev was unwavering in his support of our dream and never flinched when we approached him with a tall request to use a little piece of heaven on his 100 acres of land. He loved the idea, the vision and the belief that his land would be used to teach people about the wild and rugged places he grew to love.

His support was so much so that he gifted us with all of the building material necessary to construct what would become our cabin and classroom.

Our excitement was never alone during the construction phase. Bev would often travel out to the location to watch and wander the bush and share in our vision.

Until today I had been at a loss as to how to share our loss.

On June 2nd, 2013 Bev passed away and left a void in our lives that can never be filled. However, Bev will live on forever in our hearts and memories.

Bev was born in 1925 and passed in 2013. But what he did between those years was truly amazing.

Rest in Peace Bev.

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