Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winter Wonderland or Winter Emergency

Although its only the first day of December a quick glance outside here in Eastern Ontario reveals mid January type conditions. The roads are snow covered, the bush is deep with snow and the trees are heavy with the white stuff. 

For those who love this time of year and all of its outdoor activities this early arrival of winter is an exciting time. With that excitement comes a danger that is often overlooked. Unfortunately most winter enthusiasts are heading outside ill prepared for a winter emergency. 

Whether you are heading out on the snowmobile for the first time or strapping on the snowshoes to enjoy the powder you must be prepared. Here at Beyond the Fire School of Survival we always say "Prepare Today... Survive Tomorrow" and we live by this mindset.  If you escape to the great outdoors prepared for anything rarely will you find yourself in an emergency. If you venture out ill prepared for the dangers of winter adventure than you run a very real risk of suffering a scary fate. 

Regardless of your choice of adventure here is a list of kit you should have with you whether your intent is a quick trip on the sled or a half day hike in the back country. 

  • First Aid supplies
  • Matches, lighter, candle
  • Headlamp with new batteries
  • Spare socks, hat, gloves
  • Folding draw saw
  • Granola bar
  • Water
This list could go on and on however the larger the list the less likely people would carry it. This list is realistic and could save your life. Remember our Circle of Survival poster. Each of these items fulfills a need on that Circle. This list is light weight and easy to carry. 

As we enjoy the beauty of the Canadian winter we must respect its ruggedness and ability to test or knowledge, skills and abilities.  Never explore without the necessary tools to survive in the event that Mother Nature decides to unload her furry. 

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