Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Season is Fast Approaching

Well after a long battle with the internet world in an attempt to renew and maintain the website we are finally back.

It is an exciting time of year as we experience change all around us. The cool winds have stripped the trees of their leaves. The cold nights have given the grounds their first layer of crust. The moisture dense clouds have dropped their first snowfall. 

These changes remind us that winter is here. They also should remind us that discomfort, emergency and death are around every corner. 

As millions venture outside to enjoy the changing seasons we will undoubtedly hear stories of folks who have found themselves in the throws of a winter survival emergency because they were ill prepared. 

With another winter filled with outdoor activities and adventures soon to begin we want to remind everyone to put preparedness at the top of their list. Regardless of your anticipatied activity duration always be prepared with the proper equipment and field experience to complete the following in a remote wilderness environment:

1. Provide First Aid
2. Create and maintain a sustainable fire
3. Build Shelter
4. Maintain Hydration
5. Create an adequate and functioning distress signal

These 5 tasks are essential to your survival. 

Never underestimate the power of Mother Nature. She is beautiful in her calm and unrelenting and destructive in her angry.