Friday, January 16, 2015

Light My Fire - Fire Knife

After the surprising results of the Tinder on a Rope evaluation I was eager to see if Light My Fire was for real. There is no doubt that Light My Fire is a very successful product designer and manufacturer of camping use gear. However, this success rarely translates into the type of equipment which can be trusted in a survival emergency.

I decided to purchase and test the Light My Fire - Fire Knife. The product is a unique combo containing a Mora knife with an integrated Light My Fire Scout Fire Steel built into the handle. There are numerous YouTube reviews showing the product and how to use it. So rather than produce a similar video I decided to just list the Pros and Cons of the product from a survival perspective.


  • Lightweight
  • Mora quality blade
  • Rubberized sure grip handle
  • Simple yet functional resin sheath
  • High quality Scout Fire Steel
  • Excellent spark production
  • Not robust enough to be a survival knife
  • Difficult to draw knife from sheath
This combo offers a great option as an everyday carry. Although I'm a huge believer in carrying a knife that can withstand countless blows while splitting wood I see the value in this piece of kit. 

Anytime you can reduce weight and the number of items you carry without reducing functionality of your kit than you've succeeded. I think this is a great piece of kit and suggest that if you're a camper, hiker or outdoor enthusiast this is a must have. 

Prepare Today ... Survive Tomorrow. 

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