Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife

After recently testing the Light My Fire - Fire Knife I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality Mora blade. Although I don't carry knives that are not capable of survival tasks I was happy with its bushcraft capability and integrated fire steel. 

I spent a little time navigating the web researching the Mora product lines. I've always used, promoted and reviewed the ESEE line of survival knives. However, I came across the Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife and thought it was well worth the test. 

With the sun shining and the thermometer hovering around -15 degrees I took the dogs and new knife out to the cabin for some outdoor enjoyment. 

The Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife is a combination setup which includes the knife, robust sheath, diamond sharpener on the sheath as well as a ferro rod attached to the sheath. The blade appeared thick enough to split wood yet sharp enough to create feather sticks.  The back side of the blade is designed specifically to work with the attached ferro rod. 

We've always tested survival knives to ensure they were capable of completing tasks and withstanding the abuse necessary to yield confidence. 

Today I used the Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife to split firewood, create feather sticks, create a bow drill set, open a can of stew, scrape the bark of a cedar and light a fire. The rubberized handle made the knife comfortable and slip resistant. The blade took a beating with the baton to split the wood. The knife was robust yet light enough to reduce fatigue. The blade maintained a razor sharpness after splitting wood to allow me to transition right to making feather sticks.  The ferro rod produced ample sparks to light cedar shavings and birch bark. 

After the day in the bush spent testing this knife and ferro rod I can confidently state that this has replaced my ESEE blades as my EDC survival knife. 

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