Saturday, January 24, 2015

Survival Fire Starters

A few years back while working with a fellow survival instructor to setup an element of a course we took a break to start a fire and make a bush coffee. 

As I started collecting materials it was obvious that everything was wet from the recent weather. While piling our supplies my fellow instructor setup up the tinder in preparation for ignition. That's when he pulled a small candle looking item from his pack. 

As he lit the item I watched as it produced a large thick flame that seem to last forever. This flame lasted long enough to ignite not only the tinder but the thicker twigs as well. 

As we tended the fire and brewed our coffee we discussed fire starting, adverse conditions and survival products. I was so impressed with the simplicity, ease of use, natural materials and confidence this Survival Candle provided in adverse conditions. 

While preparing for our upcoming course I decided to make a few of these beauties for the students to carry and use. 


  • Paraffin wax
  • Birch Bark
  • Jute Twine
  • Wood pieces
I've heard of endless production methods with specialty items and wicks but I prefer simple ingredients to produce a max flame. I don't want a small candle wick flame. I want a fire !!

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