Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Cut Above

A few weeks ago while out in the bush processing some Fatwood I realized that my small personal draw saw and my Hultafors Classic Axe just weren't the best tools for the job. 

The folding draw saw is great for small limbs and more precise work. It's lightweight and pack ability make it a great tool for almost every job. However, processing larger limbs which are infused with high amounts of resin tend to slow the process dramatically. 

Although my Hultafors Axe is an amazing tool for felling, limbing, splitting and finer bushcraft skills it's not the best choice for a job that often requires climbing to access the Fatwood shoulder. 

What I needed was an aggressive cutting tool which was lightweight, portable, packable and was efficient to use.  

Recently I had spent an evening watching videos produced by bushcraft icon Ray Mears. I remembered that while Mr. Mears had been paddling in Ontario he had used a collapsible bow saw to harvest the materials necessary to carve his canoe paddle. 

So, with an idea in my mind and a plan in place I set out to create a similar collapsible bow saw. A few days later I travelled back into the bush with my new saw in hand. Made from Canadian Western Red Cedar the saw was extremely lightweight and incredibly efficient to use. 

With an aggressive tooth design the 21" blade made quick work of the material allowing me to cut, collect and carry on with minimal energy spent. This saw has now become a welcomed addition to my bush pack. 

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