Friday, October 2, 2015

Kirk Dustin Fatwood Firesteel

For those who have either wandered through the bush with me or taken one of our courses you'll be well aware of the two items I preach must always be carried regardless of task.  The knife and fire starter are those two items which are a must carry.

Fire starting has been a passion for me. A journey which has challenged me to try every method possible. Sometimes until the fingers bleed and the muscles ache. However, since the beginning of written history men have known that fire meant life. It meant survival. It meant sustainability.

Over the years here at BTF we have shared the knowledge, skills and abilities of many methods of fire starting with our students. Including hand drills, bow drills, flint and steel, ferrocerium rods, fire rolls and many more commercially produced methods.

However, over the years I have come to use and depend on the ferrocerium rod for my personal carry. We instruct in the harshest winter conditions and thrive when Mother Nature challenges us and our students.  Therefor your tools must be resilient and trustworthy.

In my never ending quest to find the fire starting tool which would meet all of my needs and demands  I hit the World Wide Web in hopes of discovering such an item. My research led me to Kirk Dustin.

Kirk Dustin doesn't have a website. He doesn't have a store front business. He's not selling items at Cabelas or Bass Pro. What Kirk Dustin does have is a passion and a connection to the wilderness. Tucked away in North Carolina Kirk creates one of a kind fire steels. He doesn't sell you pre-made items instead he talks to you, learns about you and then takes you on a journey as he creates your fire steel.

Being a thousand miles away from each other geographically, Kirk used photos to journal my fire starter. From the tree used to the finished piece. I was so impressed by his ways and his knowledge of materials that I was confident in whatever he was making for me. Kirk is an expert in finding, harvesting and working with Fatwood. Fatwood has always been an amazing and dependable tinder which can be found readily where a variety of coniferous grow. So when Kirk told me he was going to marry Fatwood with Firesteel I was excited.

When my fire starters arrived I could not believe the quality in materials and craftsmanship that Kirk turned out. I immediately hit the bush to field test. I can say that Kirk Dustin Fatwood Fire Steels are these best fire starting item I have ever carried.

If you are looking for a one of kind, made just for you fire steel that will last years please reach out to Kirk Dustin at

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