Monday, December 12, 2016

Skills Inventory

No matter what your passion or hobby is you undoubtedly have spent hours, weeks or even years trying to improve yourself. You would have buried your face in books, magazines or the Internet trying to research and gain new knowledge to increase your success in whatever it is that brings you satisfaction. 

You would also understand that if you stepped away from that sport or hobby for any given amount of time that you'd experience a little rust when you first returned. You would then return to the foundations and slowly build yourself back to that previous level of success or experience. 

I believe that we've all experienced this whether in sport, school or any other technical skill. Survival is no different. The skills that assist us in having a successful outcome are perishable but unlike sport or school the loss of these skills can result in your death. 

Even the most seasoned full time survival teachers will have a story or two to tell you about how they realized they had let certain skills perish or suffer due to complacency. A real life survival emergency is not the place to realize you've forgotten equipment or forgotten the fundamentals of friction fire.  

As the snows begins to accumulate in the bush this becomes the best time to sit down and review the survival priorities, the enemies of survival as well as your own skill set. So get out there and practice. Ensure you are prepared to survive a winter wilderness emergency. 

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